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  • Get the Most From Your Marketing Budget

    It’s that time of year again folks. 2020’s budget will once again look to shape the way your team is able to plan for your brand. Not every budget is created equal.

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  • Drive Conversions Through Web Design

    The digital landscape is shifting and growing each passing day. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and TikTok, social media continues to dominate.

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  • Winning the Micro-Moment

    Content is everywhere. Consumers are inundated with content from marketing teams the world over trying to get their attention. With mobile devices seemingly in hands 24/7, there is no limit to the information being seen on a daily basis.

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  • Are Conferences a Thing of the Past?

    We’ve all been there. Poring over lists of different industry events, passing over a nice sum to attend, packing, and networking for days on end. It’s an exercise that we go through every year, sometimes multiple times, because it is the norm.

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  • Step Up Your Point of Purchase Game

    As a brand marketer, you probably have been told or have said that the end is nigh for brick and mortar retailers. The death of in store retail shopping has been grossly overstated. According to recent reports, more stores opened than closed in 2018 with a net gain of over 3,000 stores.

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  • Tips for Effective Seasonal Marketing

    Around the same times every year, a parade of bright packaging makes its way through our local supermarkets. Easter, Halloween and Christmas holiday periods would not seem complete without the accompanying marketing campaigns from the brands we know and love.

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  • How to do Influencer Marketing the Right Way

    Brands like to think their marketing and branding efforts alone would be enough to hold credibility with consumers. But generally speaking, people respect people, not a faceless line of products. It's human nature. So what is a brand to do?

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  • Encourage Engagement with Experiential Marketing

    Let’s talk about experiences. We all have them, some more meaningful than others. What was the last memorable experience that you had? Was it a weekend trip through the mountains?

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  • Thinking Eco: Brands Should Embrace Circular Design and Sustainable Packaging

    With more than 70% of purchase decisions being made in store, packaging that catches the eye is the last appeal brands make to consumers. For today’s consumer however, being eye-catching is no longer enough. While perusing the goods in the local supermarket, many potential customers are asking questions about a brand’s sustainability efforts.

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  • Appealing to Gen Z Through Values-Based Content

    Social responsibility may not be a priority for many brands, but there is a generation that believes that it should. Members of Gen Z have made it loud and clear that they care about brands with values more than brands that offer them value.

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  • Transparency in Brand Marketing

    Let’s reflect on personal communication. The conversations you have with an acquaintance, what are they about? Small talk about the weather, sports, possibly a restaurant that you’ve visited recently.

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  • How Your Organization's Culture Influences its Success

    The average business executive will more than likely be happy to tell you about what is happening on the balance sheet and usually can do so at great lengths.

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  • The Power of Personalization: Creating the Ultimate Consumer Experience

    We recently attended the 2019 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, and it exceeded our expectations! This year event was all about experience, featuring workshops, conferences, and speakers aiming to encourage and enlighten attendees to be more captivating, congruent and cohesive when it comes to creating their customer experiences.

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  • Finding Brand Purpose: Bringing Your Brand To Life

    In today’s market, a brand without substance isn’t likely to survive, and therefore, even less expected to stand the test of time.

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  • Making Sense Of It All: Has Going Digital Dehumanized Us?

    The Information Age, the Digital Age, the Computer Age...even the New Media Age. The times we are living in now have been referred to by many names, and it’s an era that hasn’t quite ended yet. We don’t know what will mark the end of this period.

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  • Move Over Millennials: What Brands Must Do To Embrace Gen Z Consumers

    Coming of age has never been easy, and in these ever-changing modern times in which nothing seems certain, teenagers have never had it more tough. If you think that makes Generation Z anything like Millennials, the less optimistic and often misunderstood cohort preceding them, think again.

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    Yesterday marked the first day of the Chinese New Year (otherwise known as the Lunar New Year), so we’re taking advantage of this opportunity to look into the development of graphic design and branding in China.

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    We’ve spent the past month taking a look at the projected trends in branding and marketing for 2019, and well, though some seem an inevitable progression of trends from the last couple of years, some came clear out of left field.

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    With less than a week left until we ring in the new year, it’s time to look back on the trends that dominated the CPG industry in the past year, and what trends we should expect in 2019.

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    When it comes to branding, you should constantly be keeping tabs on whether or not you’re being consistent. Consistency goes hand in hand with reliability, and you definitely don’t want to come off as unreliable to your consumers...it could make or break your brand.

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    With Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays quickly approaching, brands and consumers are also preparing for the biggest shopping holidays of the year - Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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    Ever seen a brand release a new product that makes you wonder, “What were they thinking?” Often this happens when a brand that’s known and loved for a specific product ventures into a completely different category of products.

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    Surely you’ve started to feel the buzz in the air, and not just because it’s cooler and blowing falling leaves onto the ground. Hopefully you’re not sick of pumpkin spice-everything yet, because it’s usually when you get to that point that it’s inevitable - the holidays are here.

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    Summer has officially come to a close, and while kids have gone back to school and stores prepare themselves for the holidays, for us in the marketing and B2B world, it means another budgeting season is upon us.

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  • Faster, bolder, stronger: How an integrated production agency will save you (even more) time and money

    In an industry that’s in constant flux, agencies must be willing to adapt to changes if they want to survive. An agency could have a workflow model that is tried and true, but it has to be able to evolve and reinvent itself as new trends and technology transform and reshape the industry. Otherwise, an agency that may have garnered success at some point, and that may have once had a bright future ahead, could be left in the dust, wondering where it all went wrong.

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  • In an era of user-centrism, customer service should be a priority

    They say marketing shows clients why they should buy a product, whereas customer service shows them why they should return. Although these two goals used to be mutually exclusive, the truth is that nowadays marketers are beginning to see the perks of keeping an active collaboration between both departments. Actually, some experts have even dared to say that customer service is the new marketing.

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  • If content is King, video is the heir to the throne: the importance of video marketing

    Content marketing is not a new strategy. The last few years, this trend has been increasing its popularity among digital marketers and brand managers alike. This scenario has favored the appearance of different techniques that aim to interact with specific audiences and drive sales. However, although there are many types of content that can fuel this strategy, the truth is that there is one in particular that has dominated the current digital scene: video.

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  • Why Packaging Design should be the fifth “P” in the Marketing mix

    Product, price, place, and promotion are the bread-and-butter of anyone related to the marketing world. And although the 4 P’s are crucial to execute any well-rounded strategy, the truth is that packaging design has proven to be an emerging force that deserves its own “P” in the mix.

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  • The importance of user-centered marketing

    Back in the day, marketing strategies used to focus on the product. The job of the marketer was to inform the potential customers of all the benefits and advantages of their merchandise. However, although cold calls and aggressive sales are still popular, the industry is finding new and innovative ways to lure clients into their businesses.

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  • 5 Social Media trends you need to include in your digital marketing strategy

    With the social media scene facing constant changes, it is very important for brands to adapt to the latest tendencies. Any digital marketing strategy should evolve with the updates of the online world and content should cater customer’s needs. That’s why we put together a list of the newest social media trends that need to be on every marketer’s agenda.

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  • Outsourcing is not enough: How can the onsite model benefit your marketing strategy?

    We all know the benefits of outsourcing. It doesn’t matter if a company is big or small, outsourcing is an ideal way of lowering the labor costs without compromising the quality. Additionally, this practice allows you to have access to a global talent pool while reducing potential risks and delivery times.

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  • Content is still king: Why is it important for brands to create valuable material for their audiences

    Content marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective tactics to draw customer’s attention. The days where traditional ads and high keyword counts were enough to generate leads are long gone. Currently, search engines give priority to websites that provide the best information to users and offer high-quality answers to their inquiries, instead of just assailing them with sales pitches.

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  • SEO Basics: What you need to know to rank better this 2018

    It’s nearly impossible to plan a digital marketing strategy without considering search engine optimization (SEO). Nowadays, getting your webpage ranked is not only a key element to increase the visibility of your brand, but also a challenge. The Google algorithm changes constantly and marketers need to be able to keep up with the updates in order to rank better.

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  • How digital trends could help you shape up your social media channels

    As fast and changing as the digital environment is, one of the things that keeps popping up in every social media channel available and in a very predominant way, are trends. Don’t believe us? Let’s do a quick exercise! Go to your Facebook feed and begin scrolling down. We bet that you’re going to find a funny meme, or a post about some trending news, in less than a minute. Now, go to any page of the brands you follow or that you happen to love.

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  • The true value of buzzwords and jargon in marketing (spoiler: It's ZERO)

    What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say something like “Brand Film”? And what about “advertainment”? And “clickbait”? If you happen to navigate on a daily basis in a marketing environment, you may be acquainted with those particular terms, but if you’re not, you probably wouldn’t know that these are buzzwords and that they are totally relevant on a marketing and digital marketing level, but that’s it.

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  • The key to digital marketing: defining your niche

    Someone that does everything isn’t good at anything. Have you ever tried to please everybody at once? It’s exhausting and not very rewarding.

    The same thing happens in digital marketing when your target audience is not well defined, it becomes an expensive investment that doesn’t bring back a lot of results.

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  • Getting ahead: the Social Media trends that will take the spotlight in 2018

    We’re well into 2018, you probably have your Social Media Strategy mapped out by now, and if you don’t then maybe we can help out.

    This year started with a pretty big (and completely predictable) announcement by Facebook, some cool updates by Instagram, and a whole new bundle of possibilities for Google Analytics.

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  • A piece of advice: Let's speed things up and change the industry

    What is branding? For me, it’s the action a brand does when it connects emotionally with a consumer. If a manufacturer in the consumer packaged goods industry wants to launch a new product into the market, it needs to focus on developing a unique offering: a brand and a package design that communicates and connects with the consumer.

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  • The beauty of simplifying your marketing

    I’m going to keep this real. If you clicked on this article, it’s because you might feel the digital marketing world has gotten out of hand with these arduous, jargon-filled articles that do little more than confuse you.

    Some of your colleagues may even pretend they understand them, but let’s face it. They’re lying and couldn’t explain them to you even if they tried with every buzzwordy technique they know.

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