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Brighter Tomorrow 

When Lysol approached 121 to design the mock-ups for their new line of cleaning products, “Brighter Tomorrow,” they asked for something geared towards millennials. The line was slated for exclusive distribution with Wal-Mart, which meant over 100,000,000 people a week would be seeing these products on the shelves. We put some of our best illustrators on the project, and Lysol loved the designs they created.

After fielding proposals from their regular big-name branding partners, Lysol met one disappointment after another. The proposals didn’t have that special spark they needed. And more importantly, they weren’t hitting home on the promise of the mock-ups. That’s when the Lysol team decided to put 121 up against the challenge. Off the strength of our original proposal, they asked us to take the project all the way.

We gladly accepted, and with our signature fast response we went straight to work.

The Challenge

Their traditional marketing was not attracting millennial consumers, a complex and critical market. In consequence, they were quickly losing ground to their competitors.

What they needed was something innovative and different: bold new packaging that would speak to millennials right from the shelf of the world’s largest retailer.

The Solution

Our packaging solution hit all the right buttons. The design was sleek and appealing, with the right colors and tones and just enough flare to catch the eye. We knew that when it comes to home goods, millennials go with brands they know, and most are incredibly brand loyal. It was important for our design to retain the Lysol feel, while amplifying the renewed appeal.

Millennials prefer products that are easy to use on the go. Accessibility and ease-of-use were therefore high priorities for our design, and the result was a refined package that strikes the right balance between safe and easy.

The management team at the Lysol brand decided to evaluate all options across the United States, In the end, our proposal was the runaway winner for Lysol. The design was just what they needed to boost their edge with millennials. Our incredibly fast turnaround allowed us to produce stunning results while still meeting their deadline and keeping the project rolling as planned.

“Brighter Tomorrow” proved once again that fast, day-to-day branding can produce big winners, even for a highly sophisticated audience like millennials.