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Our Culture

121 is a thriving workplace for people attracted to passion. We attribute the amazing growth we’ve seen over the years to our customer-oriented culture. When you partner with 121, we put your needs first in everything we do. Our diverse team of top talent is committed to customer satisfaction, incredibly fast turnaround, and high quality results.

Our rebel yell is “Give it the WOW!,” and we infuse that into everything we do. Whether it’s a new website, a banner advertisement, or a promotional video, our goal is surpass our client's expectations and hit that “wow!” every time.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to the 121 team is being better than we were yesterday. We cherish the vibrant community we have at our agency, and our management style reflects that appreciation. We all come together to create the best work possible and satisfy our customers. To put it simply, we don’t expect our team to know everything – just more than they did yesterday.

  • "Make dreams
    come true"Jessy
  • "Excellence is
    a habit"Tachín
  • "Everything you can
    imagine is real"Regina, Iván & Ana Luz
  • "Do your best,
    forget the rest"David
  • "Whatever you are,
    be a good one."Diana
  • "If you dream it,
    you can do it."121
  • "Conquering
    the world!"Edgar, Paola & Daniel
  • "Never, never, never
    give up."Ted
  • "Team work makes
    the dream work"Mariana & Jaqui
  • "Do your best
    forget the rest"Rubí
  • "I can,
    therefore I am."Ferch & Lino
  • "I can and
    I will"Diego
  • "One team,
    one spirit"Alfred & Topo
  • "No pain,
    no gain"Erick & Adrian
  • "Energy follows
  • "Don't stop until
    you're proud"Moni
  • Philanthropy

    Helping in our community is a big part of our company culture. One initiative we have is our annual 121 Charity program, in which we visit the biggest public hospitals in the metropolitan area to give gifts to children and share the holiday joy with them and their families.

  • Team Recognition

    We believe that appreciation is at the core of our culture. We recognize our team for their incredible work: The Rooster and the WOW Champions. The Rooster recognizes team members that personally received a congratulatory mail from our clients. The quarterly WOW Champions contest lets our whole team recognize and award three team members who excelled in living the values of our company.

  • Partnerships

    As a fast-growing branding agency, 121 has formed partnerships with organizations that share our values to foster the kind of inclusive, collaborative culture that we believe in. This includes outstanding institutions and universities in both the U.S. and Mexico. We believe that working together through strong partnerships is how businesses of all sizes can make a difference in the global community.